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Meet the PTO Board

    Jessica Scanlan - President

    Hi I'm Jessica Scanlan and this is my second year in the Highlands PTO board. I am excited for another fun and successful year as we support the students, staff, and families of Highlands. 

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    Anneli Taylor - Treasurer

    I am returning for the 2nd year to volunteer as a Treasurer. I am a CPA with 20 years of experience in non-profits, financial services, tax, and audits. My son is a 3rd grader at Highlands and loves his school. I look forward to contributing to our awesome PTO's activities to support the Highlands Elementary students' classroom and learning experience. The advice I would give my elementary self is to have fun and don't worry about the little stuff!  In my time away from spreadsheets, I love to spend time with my family and travel. A fun fact about me is that since turning 18 I've lived in 13 cities and have met incredible friends from many backgrounds. 

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    Brittany O'Brien - Co-Fundraising Coordinator

    I am looking forward to experiencing all of the school events and activities, as this will be my family's first full school year as a Highlands Hawk! A piece of advice I would give to my elementary self is to hold onto your imagination as long as you can. It can open a magical world that is entirely unique to you!  A fun fact about me is that farming and agriculture was a big part of my upbringing. I grew up on a large family farm in Indiana that has been in operation for 186 years and was a 10 - year swine 4-H member.

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    Rachel Decker - Volunteer Coordinator

    This is my second year on the PTO. My son and daughter are twins and are starting first grade at Highlands Elementary. I love having an opportunity to interact with the students through my role on the PTO. I am very excited to connect with Highlands families and hoping that you will want to be a volunteer when you hear about all the fun events we have planned. 

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    Katharina Patel - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co- Coordinator

    Hi I'm Katharina Patel. Anya's and Nina's mom. Anya is my 3rd grader, and Nina is my Kindergartener. I'm co-chair of the Diversity, Equality, and inclusion position this school year. I am looking forward to sharing some cultural activities and information to Erie Highlands. Your support and participation is much appreciated!

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    Ashley Papalia - Vice President

    My Daughter Lilly will be in first grade this year and is so excited to see her friends and make some new ones! As a family, we love traveling, hiking, and exploring nature. Advice: How tons of fun and always be kind. I can't wait to help make this school year great!

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    Kristin Matero - Co-Fundraising Coordinator

    My name is Krisin Matero and this is my first year serving on the PTO. I work as a school psychologist in a neighboring district and I'm excited to give back to Highlands Elementary where my youngest, Wyatt, is in 3rd grade. I am really looking forward to meeting more Highlands families and helping to create an amazing school year for the students and community. 

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    Heather Hoover - Recording Secretary

    Hi! I'm Heather and this will be my second year serving as the Recording Secretary for Highlands PTO. Highlands elementary is a very special school and I'm glad that my daughters, Sofia (preK) and Ella (3rd), got to be a part of it. We look forward to another amazing year and cannot wait to meet more Highlands families. 

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    Theresa Boakye - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Co- Coordinator

    I'm excited to be serving as the Diversity and inclusion coordinator with Katharina for the Highlands PTO this year. I'm looking forward to celebrating the unique qualities of our community. Our goal is to offer programs, activities, and resources to explore diverse cultures and identities to support creating inclusive spaces. The advice I'd give to my elementary self would be that it's okay to make mistakes. We learn, love and grow through them! And a fun fact about myself is that I ran/walked a marathon when I was half the age I am now and I am a visual artist and dancer.  

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    Chelsea Ellis - Communication Specialist

    Hi! I'm looking forward to being a part of this great team and school community for the second year! Advice I am giving to my kids : look for friends that protect and let your light shine, and celebrate their light as well. Giving someone a high five is proven to improve the trajectory of their day. A fun fact is everyone in our immediate fam has a birthday buddy! My hubby and I share a birthday, and our twins of course share birthdays!

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