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DEI Events Page

Throughout the school year, the DEI committee will organize and sponsor a variety of activities to provide opportunities to learn about different cultures, heritages, traditions, and experiences. We aim to create intentional spaces for discussion whether you are at a starting point or already deep in your journey of pursuing social equity engagement. Our programs are designed to support continued learning, acceptance, and understanding, and reduce implicit bias, prejudice, and misunderstanding within Highlands Elementary.


Upcoming Events

There are a few DEI events tentatively set for this school year specifically curated to engage elementary school communities. We'd like to further tailor our programs to serve the needs of our unique community at Highlands. Please fill out this survey to share areas that you would like to see our DEI committee focus on.

Oct. 4

Grand Opening Celebration

Meet the DEI Committee at the Grand Opening Celebration and get connected withs some resources to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month.

Fall TBA

Community Discussions

The Highlands community is invited to join in a discussion on an article or topic relevant to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Feb 1-28

Black History Month Interactive Resources

Let's take a deeper look at Black History Month through interactive resources for students and families. Opportunities to win the prizes for participating in engagement activities!

Spring TBA

Community Engagement Event 

Details TBA

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