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DEI Resources

We've rounded up some resources and put them in one place to help you get your feet wet with topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion. 


While it can be intimidating to talk to kids about race or other differences, one of the best ways to get the conversation started is at their level, through their eyes, with a picture book. Incorporating a wide variety of races and identities into your reading time can help students either see themselves reflected, as in a mirror, or see through into someone else's experience, like a window. Here's a collection of resources (including booklists) to get you started as well as a video of 2 elementary school teachers talking to kids about race. The Erie Public Library has a wide selection of diverse books and YouTube also has almost any book you can think of as a read-a-loud option.

As adults we can unpack our own biases through self education. A glossary of terms can be helpful to review as we deepen our understanding of social equity engagement. Here's an article to address some common concerns with opening the discussion of race with children and a website with tips and more resources for parents and caregivers.

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